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We match skilled Ruby on Rails engineers with organizations where you can make an impact, stay engaged, and grow in your role. 




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We understand there are various situations and stages in all of our careers,
and you may have found us for any number of reasons.

  • You feel stuck/dissatisfied in your current role.
  • You're working on projects that feel unmotivating or uninspiring.
  • You're curious about what the next stage in your career is.
  • You prefer working to improve existing Ruby on Rails applications rather than working on startups.
  • You don't feel you're quite "ready" to apply for the next tier role until you're promoted where you are.
  • Your team has grown a little too fast for you, and you're struggling to make an impact these days.
  • Your team has pulled in many different technology stacks, and you'd like to focus more of your time on Ruby on Rails.
  • You could have transitioned into management, but you miss contributing code on a regular basis.
  • You're questioning why you're sticking around in this industry.


We work with organizations to improve their existing Ruby on Rails applications by helping track down and prioritize technical debt, refactoring legacy code, improving performance, and speeding up automated test suites. Do you enjoy this type of work too?

Whether you're satisfied in your current role or actively looking for a new position, it's always a good idea to stay open to new possibilities.


do you enjoy

What if There Was a Simple, Discreet Way to Explore Possibilities?

  • You don't have to waste time searching and applying for multiple jobs.
  • There's an organization looking for your skillset and qualifications, but they don't know where to find you.
  • You don't have to worry about who may see your resume or contact info.
  • You'll have help throughout the onboarding process.
  • You'll have our entire engineering team to lean on for support and guidance if needed.

How We Can Help 

Whether you're working from the US or internationally, we help experienced Ruby on Rails engineers explore options with organizations looking for someone like you to join their team. We've been a part of the Ruby on Rails ecosystem since 2004, and we have longstanding relationships with organizations actively hiring. 

These organizations will only pay us for our recruiting service if you take the job and stick around for a while, so it's a win-win for all of us. I mean, we're already speaking with them, so why not try and make some connections? Don't worry; your information is safe with us. Without your written consent, we'll never give anyone your resume or contact info. 

If you're curious about what other options might be available, fill out our Recruiting Services form, and we'll schedule a time to discuss how we can help you.


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Benefits of Using Our Recruiting Services

  • We have relationships with Engineering Managers and organizations looking to hire experienced onshore and nearshore Ruby on Rails engineers.
  • We know the right questions to ask recruits and organizations to make a thoughtful, optimal match.
  • We take the time to understand the needs and goals of both parties.
  • We are the mediator between the candidate (you!) and the organization, saving time and risk for both parties.
  • We ensure their salary budgets align with your salary goals.
  • There's no cost or risk for you.
  • We never share your info without your written permission.
  • You can get your resume in front of real potential matches.
  • We make the intro; you share your magic!
  • We provide you with in-depth details about some of the challenges the organization is facing and how your skills might be able to help and add value.
  • We help make a smooth onboarding process.
  • You can lean on the skillset/guidance of the Planet Argon engineering team if needed.

You should be able to work with an organization that sees value in your skillset,
where you can learn and grow, and where you can be an asset to a growing team. 


We can help you find a position where you can grow and make an impact.


You don't want your resume to get lost on job application sites. You want a real connection with someone. Because we've been in the Ruby on Rails ecosystem since 2004, we have an excellent group of peers and organizations with whom we've built relationships. We help experienced onshore and nearshore Ruby on Rails engineers (just like you!) explore your options with organizations looking for someone like you to join their team. 


We're "in the know" about who's hiring, and we learn what they need in an organic, personal way- real-life conversations. We generally only work with our peers and reputable organizations we're familiar with, who specialize in maintaining software applications. 


We work with organizations that want to improve their existing Ruby on Rails applications by tracking down and prioritizing technical debt, refactoring legacy code, improving performance, and speeding up automated test suites. If you enjoy this type of work too, let's talk!


There's no cost to you! The organization that hires you will give us a small fee only if you are both happy with the match. Try Planet Argon out risk-free!


As part of this engagement, we aim to be involved in your overall onboarding experience so that you can enjoy a stress-free transition.


You aren't limited to just your experiences. If you feel you might benefit from the guidance of one of our team members, you can advocate that we loop them in for a few hours (or more) to assist.


Unlike many recruiting services, we're not going to send generic blasts to anyone who has "Ruby on Rails" mentioned in their ads, and we're not going to share your information with an organization until we have your permission.


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